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Calibration through Automation in Measurement


Optical Power Meter Calibration

Optical Power Meter calibrations are directly traceable to NPL and include measurement of Abs

olute power at -20dBm at 1310nm and 1550nm. Linearity measured reference -20dBm from -5dBm to -70dBm in 5dB increments.

Laser Source Calibration

LED, Laser and Tunable Laser Sources Calibrated with the following source characteristics , Source Maximum Power, Stability, Peak and Centre Wavelength and FWHM spectral half width.

Wavelength Meter Calibration

Power , Wavelength Accuracy and dynamic range

Optical Spectrum Analyser Calibration

Wavelength over 632nm to 1640nm, Power and Polarisation dependence at 1550nm

Optical Attenuator Calibration

Insertion Loss , Attenuation and Repeatability at 1310nm and 1550nm




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Fibre Optic Calibration

Electronic Calibration

Electrical Calibration


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